I saw 'This Is It" the other night, it was fucking awesome. I love Michael Jackson


Well i am officially crushing on Mary-Kate Olsen, and have been for a longg time now... not in a creepy way haha. But she is just soo hot, has the insannee fashionn and is soo different and that is what i love about her, i want her clothes

It is soooo freaking hot today. Anyways i have been on the search for some new bikins but all the ones i want seem to be soo expensive... why cant i be rich. But i did find these lover bikins even though they are in the 200 range they are irresistable and i wanntt them... what do ya think?

OoO BaBy

summer summer summer
finallyy summer is almost here. Now i can work on my non-existent tan and get cute summer dresses