What if

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Opened-eyed, yet unable to see, just dead. No feeling anywhere. Nothing moved. Dead. But something gave away life. Something. She couldn't figure it out at first, something real-life, familiar, unotherworldly. 

James Bond

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I am going to a james bond party this weekend and i dont know what to wear. It is easy for boys they just have to wear tuxedoes but what the hell do i wear. If you have any suggestions please help me. 


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yo yo yo


I just made coconut and banana muffins with cinnamon mmm yummy 


Look at me

Its such an ugly day today, i hate it when it is overcast and not raining. ew. 

I wish i could hate you

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Boy i feel so sick i have eaten soo much food today, it just i cant help it there is soo much goood food surrounding me i swear anywho i must stop and go watch sex and the city 


How convenient 

Harry Potter day was a bit of fun, Just came back from dinner with some friends, all you can eat morrocan mmm i am soo full. Thank god it is friday tomorrow 

Guilty Pleasure especially the old ones 

Harry Potter Day

I love this band

Well today was awesome, i had to write a 600 word essay on god! and it does not count what so ever towards my final marks, they just love watching us suffer. 
Anywhoo it is harry pottter day tomorrow (yeah our school is cool) so i am hoping to look some what like this im going to go alll out 


skins movie!

Oh my Fucking GOD!!!!!

Red Leaves

 I block out everyone and everything eventually. It’s not that I enjoy being alone, because I fucking hate being alone. I just don’t make sense. - Blogconfession 

I got a new book the other day; Red Leaves by Paulina Simons, i like it so far 

Pleasure Town


lol jokes