I have a killer headache, I had such a good long weekend i wish it didnt endd. oh well there is another one is threee fucking days YAY. Its the only thing getting me through 


I wish i was good at photography

Better Times

I have drank soo many cups of tea i love the rain. 

Im obsessed with twentysevenames, i want like everything they make .. im in lovvvee.

Sources: Studded Hearts 

Im soo stresssed at the moment! i just want to be on holidays but the one thing that is getting me through is that it is a LONG weekend fuck yeah 3 day weekend hehe. And its my friends Birthday tomorrow so we are having a lil party at school for her haha. 
Hope you have a great weeek 

Splendid Splendour

I love this photo by Nirrimi! I want red hair.
Splendour line up came out today and let me just say it is a little bit perfecctt!! Ill give you just a little taste: The Strokes, Temper trap, Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, Band of Horses, Little Red, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and too be honest if I was to list all my favourates this would go on for too long!!! I must go, I dont think i could miss out on such an event. EXCITING. yaya its FRIDAY tomorrrow 

Stranger Things

Romina Shama & Jody Ragac

skool sucks

Tomorrow i return back to madness. SCHOOL. dreaded school the only upside is that i am closer to finish. I had the most boring day didnt go outside. I know that sounds really sad an weird but hey im still a lil jet lagged and was behind on gg. It was a goood day. And i know this is a really random mix of photos but as you know i love abbey lee and the rest are just cool haha.


Happiest Place on Earth 

New Boots 

Finally the photos come (and they are only a few trust me we took millions but i dont really see the necessity in posting a bazillion photos haha). And i am back at boring old brisbane, when we were driving home from the long flight i wishing i lived in New York not our small little city! 

New York New York

Hello Helllo, i know i have been really slack but i have been soo busy going crazy in New York, Oh my god it is amazing here i love it and want to live here!! haha i am in heaven, and have bought a rediculous amount of clothes and taken a bazzilion photos, which i would upload and am trying to but the internet is sooo slow i will do it as soon as i return on saturday. Gayyy we leave tomorrow night for a reallly fucking long flight how lovely. Hope you had  GREAT easter. 
Much love xx