I love Christmas! Only 4 sleeps, and 3 sleep till my birthday, about time I turn 17 shesh. 
I leave for melbourne tomorrow (considering it just went 12) I am so excited to be somewhere other than brisbane!!! It will be the best!

I just love Christmas! (excuse the non christmas photo, but its still kinda festive, ya know)  And the fact that my birthday is in 4 days. 4 DAYS. Ya-hoo. 

Some Kind of Nature

I'm tired i was up late watching Titanic. *droool* at Leonardo!

Sorry for the lack of posts i have been working everyday, its kinda annoying but like ill always say i need the money! 

Another Lovely Day

In relation to my previous post I AM NO LONGER POOR!!! The reason for this great day is because - I turn 17 in approximately 15 days and my grandpa got in early and sent me a birthday card along with 50 buckas!!! Its not that much but it will get me by till i get paid. I am so happy. 
I have literally not moved from my bed. 
Whilst in my bed I managed to: 
- Watch the new episode of GG 
- Consume copious amounts of lollies and coconut slice 
- Make some awesome playlists 
- and not change from my pjs. 
It has been a great day

Magic Touch

I am poor! I have had no money for the past week and the sad thing is that i get excited when i see 20c pieces. At the moment ever cent counts. And as a completely off topic statement: 

Lovers from the moon

I am bored, and sadly watching 'embarrassing bodies'. Its gross. 

Time to Wander

The rain is nice but its supposed to be summer!