I am so fucking tired, and i woke up at 2 pm. What is wrong with me

Schoolies Schoolies Schoolies

Sorry for the lack of posts I just got back from schoolies at the coast. It was so much fun totz hella loose (lol), but now i am dying literally - i cant move or be bothered to change the channel from this silly cartoon movie. I feel so sick!! Grr so annoying. 


I graduated high school today!!!! WOOOO so exciting, but still feels so weird. 
Off to schooooolies tomorrow OoOooO watch owt hehe. 

Dream World

Guess what Lady's and Gents!? I have 1 and a half days left of schoool!!! Woohoo, I know my latest posts have all been me rubbing in your faces (those of you who are still at school) that i am almost finished, but i just cant help it. I have waited for this day for practically my whole schooling life, and it is finally here. Thank god. 
We went to dreamworld today (with the school) and it was so much fun. My first experience! So i was lovinn it. I was really surprised at my bravery hehe i went on a tonne of ride including the infamous GIANT DROP. Which I was freaking out about, literally had a mini panic attack (lol) 
BUT it was a great day! 

3 days of schooool left!! And i am off to dreamworld tomorrow (for the first time) Wooo. 

We're not the same, dear, as we used to be.
The seasons have changed and so have we.
There was little we could say, and even less we could do
To stop the ice from getting thinner under me and you.

Oh for the love of god!

She is one beauty. 

I wish i wasn't completely poor! And i am being serious I have $1 in my bank account and that is it. it sucks being poor. And not to mention schoolies is next week so by the looks of things i am going to be sober for the entire week due to my lack of flow to buy any substance of alcohol. And I hate asking my parents for money because its just ends up in them giving me a lecture on how I dont do anything and i cant expect to just get money. Y'all know what I am saying. Life sucks. And this weekend i have 4 friends birthdays (each one after the other) in which none of them will be receiving gifts from me ( :( ). AND i have no clothes. Oh the list could go on, but I will refrain from annoying you all and hope you are not all moneyless like me. 

Little boxes on the hill side


Into your darkness

I officially never have to pick up a book this year, or for the rest of my life (that is if i decide to become a bum and live on the streets) I have finished all my assignments and tests for highschool!!!! Yaa-hooo, i never have to study every again. It feels awesome. 

I wish i could run away

I wish i could, just to escape I dont know where i would go. I just want to leave. I am so sick of school and everyone. Everyone is so fake and self obsessed and i cant stand it. They all need to grow up and stop trying to be someone else. Not everyone is like this, but the majority is and i hate it. I mean i dont even know who I am, but i dont want to be someone else. I am sick of everyone trying to watch their weight and going on stupid diets, i just want to yell at them all! 
I have three weeks of school and then its all over. Thank god for that!

This week is going to be even worse I have my final exams ekk!  And that is why i had a looose as halloween weekend which consisted of nothing but sitting at home in my micky mouse ears. Yep thats how cool i am.

Anywho this is my what my week consists of:
1. Monday: Home, trying to study
2. Tueday: Drama monologues (scary)
3. Wednesday: Business exam
4. Thursday: Study
5. Friday: Maths Exam - Last test ever yay! 
So after this week I am going to be the happiest person on the face of the earth!