Thank fuck it is friday. 

I wish i was at splendour!

Boo you whore

Okay ladies and gents sorry for the lack of posts school is a massive bitch i have had a 3 day english test this week woo fun. Anyways i am off to byron this weekend which will be awesome. 

I hate School

I have soo much work to do grrrr. 


Thank god Kourtney got illuminated from master chief. I didn't like her or her stupid feather necklace that she always wore (if you no what one i am talking about we should get married) Anyway I hate how people came back and all the good ones left. I think adam should win. 

A Star With Our Laser Eyes

I love Marc Johns illustrations they are too good, I could reblog all of them! But I wont so go look at them all here 

Boo you Whore

Had school today lets just say i did not get my freak on. Quite the opposite actually for starters i was fucking tired due to my lack of sleep in conjunction to the totally fucked sleeping pattern i have (from being lewse in the holidays and hittin the sack late az) Secondly all the teachers are ass holes for giving us assignments on the first day, i mean com'on have some curtousy. Bitchez. Thirdly they moved our lockers into the smallest corridor were we share it with the grade below (all of whom i do not particularly  like) 

*Excuse my french in the above paragraph, i just had to voice my anger on the key board*