okay so yess i do have a slight obbsession with Abbey, but com'on she is soo hot and i love her hair. And i dont know about you but when watching Victoria Secrets the other night i was sure i was going to try make a slight attempt to try look like them (would never happen, but i like to dream). Seriously did they have to show it the night before christmas! knowing that we are all going to be eating our brains out the next day... damn you victoria secret models with your perfect bodys and hot faces

Soon To Be Mine

I have very exciting news.... just today i put the Ellery sunglasses (posted down a bit) on layby! with my $150 voucher from my lovely friends. ohh baby i freaking love them they are sooo awesome. And also i got the lyie van ryke jewelry that i wanted sooo badly for my birthdayy! i think i did very good in the present deparment this christmas and birthday i got what i wanted and moree

Anyway i will leave you all to lust after these beautiful sunnies that are soon to be mine. get jelous everyone 

Merry Christmasss

Heads Up

I saw Where the Wild Things Are the other day and loved it! if you havent seen it I highly recommend they are alll soo beautifull AND the soundtrack is aaammmaazzinggg here is a sneak peak


She is amazingggg, this makes me contemplate getting a nose peircingg
Stolen from: knightcat


Just somee of the wonderfull photographs by Viktor Vauthier 


I saw these in bessie head on the weekend and fucking diedd i want themm soo bad, they are 300 and i am thinking i may layby and then hopefully the parents will pay them off for christmasss or my  friendss .. maybee hahah


I am getting a ticket!! they are only $79.90 soo goood. I love you phoenix


i finally found it. I have wanted this neacklace for agess but could never pronounce or remember the name buuuttt i found it! and now it must be mine and the cross ringg.. gaahhh

Pamela Love

I want these well the snake cross necklace and the ring, maybe my hands will look like this one day

Source: fallow 

This is such a good summer song, i love it 


Well i am finally on holidays, thank the lord! i really need to find some things that i want for my birthday and christmas seeing as they are conveniently one day apart haha. But luckily my parents aren't gay and give me joint presents or elssee.. I really want jewelry and clothes and money (just to name a few ha). 

Firstly i want this. which i found blogstalking on 'inside am-lul's closet' made by PrincePelayo
This will be continued 


I was just cheaking out the opening ceremony site and came across this amazing jewelry for 'where the wild things are'. My life would be complete if i had one of these pieces, luckily its christmas soon.. soo feel free anyone hehe. And i reallly want to see the movie!

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