Internet Sucks

Only my internet sucks, it is the slowest thing in the WORLD grrrrrrrrrr. 


(Australia's Next Top Model)
Jesus Christ. Biggest fuck up ever. haha kinda funny though. 

Dear Holidays

Dear Holidays, 
You are so great, you make me feel happy everyday, you allow me to sleep in and watch movies all day, you don't cause any stress. I wish you would never leave me. 
I love you. 

Sexy Time

Sex and the City rules my life. 

The Rain isa Pouring

It is not meant to be raining and cold!! Winter ended ages ago. Stoopid weather 


These acne shoes are amazing!! I reallly want them. Anyone with a spare $650 they want to lend? Not that it is a lot of money or anything. Gahh