I am in love with this collection 

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day to all those Australians hope you had a good day 

Hope you enjoyed the barbecues or what not!

Bad Kids

Okay so i just stole this from studded hearts but I couldnt help it. This is soo amazing and an addition to my obsession with abbey-lee. 

Nasty Gal

Okay so I think I am in love with these wonderful shoes. I just happened to be checking out the online stores and found these babies on nastygal and it must be love. If anyone out there want to lend me some money to purchase these feel free. Man I wish I wasnt saving but then it will all pay off when I am in New York. 

The holidays are going pretty good and I dont want to go back to thinking about stuff grr. Last night by friend sarah had some people over because she has been away for 2 months anyways it was a good night and they have a crazy house so even better I will post some photos when i get some seeing as I have never posted a photo of myself but I think it may be time. Have a good weekend lovers  

I Can Feel A Hot One

I think I am melting, brisbane is sooo fucking hot and I dont want to move from the airconditioning box that I am currently sitting in. 
However I did go to officeworks today god I love it there I lovee a bit a stationary so now I am all set for the year. 
I like to think that having awesome stationary will make me smarter and organised hopefully it wont fall through this year. 
Anyways I thought I would leave you with these photos of these hot models just cause there hot and I love modelshaha. Hope your not swealtering in the heat like me. 


Okay i know i haven't posted in like a while but i have an excuse i was at nooosaa and it was amazing. Just lovely they weather was great i got quiet burnt though but but but it is turning into a bit of a tan WOOHOO.

 And yesterday i went to Big Day Out and it was fucking awesome i had soo much fun my favourites were defiantly temper trap, passion pit and peaches. Peaches was insane one of the best performers she literally walked on people on the audiences hands and i was pretty close not wanting to brag but i couldnt touch her cause i am so freaking short haha. but she was amazing and as was the others was a good day very hot and crowded however but i enjoyed myself very much. 

Heres a photo from my crappy 3.2 megapixel camera phone hah but i was closee and she had some wacky costumes. Anyway i am going to stop going on about my big day out. i hope you are all having a wonderfull holiday and i wont be delayed with the posts anymore I am going to go rest i am soo tired. 



(cool shoes; Vivienne Westwood; Sam Edelman; Studded Docs;  Creepers vie Panache; Pixie Market; Alexa Chug and her amazing bag) 

Well well well i am very bored and there is nothing to do because the weather is soo shit (and has been for too long now) so i thought I would post some shoes i want and need and some bags. p.s. if anyone know where i can get one (or similar) of Alexa's wonderful bags please don't be shy, it would complete me haha (and i hope your not as annoyed as me that the pictures arn't all the same size!! agh). Anyway' have a good day i hope your not all bored bored bored like me. 

x x x 

Siena Fleming

i looveee her stylee 


I want lonnggg hair!! mine just seems to be at this awkward length god dam it.. anyways i loves these girls clothes, hair and blog. Check out Julia and Olivia's blog here

l o v e

Mannn i loovee both of these collections and want all of the above. whyy can't I be richh!! but i cant complain i did recently purchase this baby by lonely hearts and absolutly love it, i could use some more from this brand howeverrr


Hope you alll had a carazzyy new years. 
I dont no about you guys but i have never had a new years resolution but i am thinking this year i might but i don't no what (which really helps) i will think of something
Happy 2010!