School Schmool

This past week has been redic! I have so much bloody work. BUT this is my last week or learning and it is nearly over. YAY I now have 3 weeks left of school till i graduate, I am so excited. I haattee high school! 
Oh and today when i was in the bathroom, a giant spider just happen to be right behind my head, i am talking like 10cm by 10cm (!!!!!). AND let me just let you in on a little secret. I have a phobia of spiders, so I almost fainted. It was a lovely cherry on the top of my already great day. 


Just finished my last ever english assignment!! YAY
Cant wait to finish, I am so sick of highschool booollshit. 

I wish it was sunny not cold. AND ITS MEANT TO BE SUMMER!! Gahh

Youth In Revolt

I watched 'Youth in Revolt' the other night and it was really good, and funny and i just love Michael Cera!! Soo hot. Anyways it was a good movie and i suggest you all watch it. 


According to facebook status updates I officially have 14 days left of school classes!! (not including exam block) WOOOO!! Fuck yeaha. 

I finally sold some stuff



I saw Tame Impala last night. Hot damn they were good! and there so sexy. 

Hey Ya'll Don't Say That

I am getting really SICK and TIRED of people just watching the clothes i am selling on ebay, like for christ sake just place a god damn bid! I mean seriously 37 people are watching this one item and not one of them have placed a bid! You fuckers. Just kidding :). I didnt go to school today, it was great and considering i only have 5 weeks left i should have gone but nahhhhh. Schools gay. Well i hope you're all enjoying the storming, ugly weather!

Kids want to be so hard

But in my dreams we're still screaming and running through the yard 

Some Kind of Night Into Your Darkness

My friend and I made a tumblr last night, just for kicks. Go check it out. 
Its filled with lovely pictures and words. 


I have a head ache. 


I'm Grumpy

I want to do something tonight, but everyone is being boring. hmpf