LA Land

Well well well i am finally here after a 12 and a half hour flight (well we got here yesterday but i was too tired and disfunctional to work a computer) LA is amazingly beautiful i want to live here haha everyone have nice cars and lovely tans and the shopping is cheap!! (most places) 
Yesterday we went to venice beach and it is the coolest place i loved it and there were these really good markets on where i grabbed a 2 t-shirst, a ring, 2 bracelets and then today we went to west hollywood, beverly hills, holly wood, rodeo drive and saw all the amazing houses in this crazy red catalack life is awesome! I bought to cute tops aswell. 
Anywhoo i will post photos when i get a chance. OH OH OH and we saw jennifer anniston in her car!! and got photos with a michael jackson lookalike he he 
Hope you are having as good of a time as i am lovelys 

over and out

Woohoo school is over for the term, shiz yeah now i can run wild mwahaha. Anywho i love these pictures, good on you wildfox.
I hope you all enjoy your easter break. 


Yes i have been a lil slack on the posts but i have an excuse I have had soo much bloody work, i hate year 12 but that christ it is over tomorroww!! And then it is ma formall, i picked up my dressed today after being made and it is amazing i love love love it. I will make sure to post a picture of its beautifulness.



Nirrimi you've done it again


Okay my New York count down is nearly up! I leave in exactly 10 day, zomg soo excited. Actually It hasnt really hit me yet, i dont think it will till the plane trip. And guess what my formal is conviently the night before we leave, crazy hey? And i am going to see my dress in the making tomorrow woo, cant wait to see how it is goingg. Later skaterz 

We walked around 
Till the moon got full like a plate,
The wind blew an invocation
And i fell asleep at the gate

The Darker Side

I love abbey lee and Fraja Beha Erichsen there style is too cool. Why must there be so good looking 


I saw Alice In Wonderland last night. jesus it was too goood. Johnny Depp was amazing. Everything about it was good. I suggest you all go and watch it NOW. 

These pictures dont even comprehend how good it is. 

Watched the latest skins today. Holy fuck it was intense. Go watch it 

Dolce and Gabbana

Love the black, gold hint of lace. LOVE IT  

After School

 I hate school


God damn she is too good for 17