The Suburbs

Arcade Fire Rulez. 

I got my hair cut today - shorter (just below the collar bone) i really like it. 


I hate QCS 

My So Called Life

Here are some photos from my crazy weekend lol. As you can see we are got really into the 90's theme. 

Party, Party, Party

It was my friends 18th last night 90's themed, it was soo great! Everyone looked soo good 

Thieves In The Night

90's 90's 90's 90's 90's

It ma friends 90's party tomorrow woohoo. My outfit it awesome 

Floating Vibes

Dewds i am so glad this week is over. So stressfulll! now i can party like its 1992

I am a mad bitch

Well my night has been filled with buckets of fun. I have sat on the couch, watching the back up plan (a bit of a doucher of a movie) and went and got cold rock. What can I say I really went all out tonight. Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh