I love Christmas! Only 4 sleeps, and 3 sleep till my birthday, about time I turn 17 shesh. 
I leave for melbourne tomorrow (considering it just went 12) I am so excited to be somewhere other than brisbane!!! It will be the best!

I just love Christmas! (excuse the non christmas photo, but its still kinda festive, ya know)  And the fact that my birthday is in 4 days. 4 DAYS. Ya-hoo. 

Some Kind of Nature

I'm tired i was up late watching Titanic. *droool* at Leonardo!

Sorry for the lack of posts i have been working everyday, its kinda annoying but like ill always say i need the money! 

Another Lovely Day

In relation to my previous post I AM NO LONGER POOR!!! The reason for this great day is because - I turn 17 in approximately 15 days and my grandpa got in early and sent me a birthday card along with 50 buckas!!! Its not that much but it will get me by till i get paid. I am so happy. 
I have literally not moved from my bed. 
Whilst in my bed I managed to: 
- Watch the new episode of GG 
- Consume copious amounts of lollies and coconut slice 
- Make some awesome playlists 
- and not change from my pjs. 
It has been a great day

Magic Touch

I am poor! I have had no money for the past week and the sad thing is that i get excited when i see 20c pieces. At the moment ever cent counts. And as a completely off topic statement: 

Lovers from the moon

I am bored, and sadly watching 'embarrassing bodies'. Its gross. 

Time to Wander

The rain is nice but its supposed to be summer! 

I am so fucking tired, and i woke up at 2 pm. What is wrong with me

Schoolies Schoolies Schoolies

Sorry for the lack of posts I just got back from schoolies at the coast. It was so much fun totz hella loose (lol), but now i am dying literally - i cant move or be bothered to change the channel from this silly cartoon movie. I feel so sick!! Grr so annoying. 


I graduated high school today!!!! WOOOO so exciting, but still feels so weird. 
Off to schooooolies tomorrow OoOooO watch owt hehe. 

Dream World

Guess what Lady's and Gents!? I have 1 and a half days left of schoool!!! Woohoo, I know my latest posts have all been me rubbing in your faces (those of you who are still at school) that i am almost finished, but i just cant help it. I have waited for this day for practically my whole schooling life, and it is finally here. Thank god. 
We went to dreamworld today (with the school) and it was so much fun. My first experience! So i was lovinn it. I was really surprised at my bravery hehe i went on a tonne of ride including the infamous GIANT DROP. Which I was freaking out about, literally had a mini panic attack (lol) 
BUT it was a great day! 

3 days of schooool left!! And i am off to dreamworld tomorrow (for the first time) Wooo. 

We're not the same, dear, as we used to be.
The seasons have changed and so have we.
There was little we could say, and even less we could do
To stop the ice from getting thinner under me and you.