Yesterday sure was a big day.. by that i mean i went to big day out. Surprisingly i had a swell time I saw all the people i wanted to. But i did see a lot of interesting outfits - some where a sight for sore eyes thats for sure. 

One of my favourites was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. They were amazing and everything i expected. I love everything about them!! 

I also really enjoyed LCD soundsystems and Ratata they were both however playing at the same time. But never fear i say, me and my friend alex ran from one end of the festival to the other to catch the second half of LCD. It was great. 

Oh, but i should add i did have a bad encounter during Die Antwood (who were NUTZ). Okay so we managed to get to the front but, it was not pretty the crowd was swaying, i had some guys elbow in my ribcage, i had some greasy weirdo rubbing against me and i was having trouble getting fresh air. Soo....as shameful as this sounds the security guard had to lift me out of the crowd (it was kinda funny) 

Anywho that was my only hiccup. And i have to say my day was great. 
Enough about me how was everyones weekends?

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char said...

hi there. i just wanted to say how much i love your blog, the images are just stunning... and it seems like we have tons in common, i live in brisbane too :) i'm SO jealous you got to go to the Big Day Out!! my friend from work went... let's just say i'm not gonna talk to him if he boasts too much! it sounds like it was an awesome time though, what a great line-up, i love Ed Sharpe! was he even better live??
and don't be too ashamed of getting lifted out by a security guard! i saw Muse in October, and i was smushed between all these sweaty guys with their elbows in my face (isn't it gross!) and then this strobe started and i couldn't breath... and i fainted! my brother had to carry me out. funny, but so embarassing...
anyway, sorry i'm so chatty! it's just great to find another brisbanite ;)
love char

p.s. i hope you guys are recovering well from the floods, it's been just awful. x