I have a confession to make

Okay so I was making spaghetti for mum and dad and myself. After straining the pasta I went to go put the pasta in the sauce to mix it all around... I lifted up the lid whilst holding the strainer with the pasta in it in my other hand.. however when lifting the lid the hot condensation ran down my arm. 
I got a fright from the hot liquid, flinched and lost balance of the strainer. Yep the whole bowl of pasta ended up on the ground. I freaked and desperately scooped up the hot pasta that burnt my hands into the strainer. I finally got it all in the strainer, again, and washed it under water (thoroughly I'll have you know) and then shamelessly mixed the pasta in the sauce. All the while mum and dad were out and about and still have no clue that the pasta inside them fell on the floor... One day maybe I will exceed my knowledge in the kitchen. 
hehe ima sew nawty (and if you are wondering, no I didn't eat the pasta, I didn't have time I was off to the movies with all ma friends)  

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