My Lewse Saturday Night

The most dreaded-thing-ever-to-happen-to-someone happened last night. Well it started off with my cocky friend thinking it would be totally awesome to steal her parents car and come pick me up and my other friend and get dinner. I'll have you know that this friend of mine is still on her learners. Anyways when driving home from picking up dinner we went over a huge speed bump (I'm talking larger than normal) We heard this massive bang, yet dumbly didn't think anything of it. When she was reversing into the drive way she was having a lil trouble as it felt like there was something in the way. So I got out to see what was there, couldnt see anything noticeable. That was until i looked under the car. That was when i saw something (which looked like the engine but don't worry wasn't) hanging on the ground like literally loose scrapping on the ground. Found out it was the exhaust pipe that was broken. My friend freaked about what she was going to tell her parents (her mum is a complete phyco btw) as the car was so shitly parked in the drive way with the exhaust pipe hanging on the ground. So we tried to put it back into place until my friend saw a little blue spark. Yep we could have died. lol 
Anywho she told her parents some pathetic story that they bought and we went our separate ways. 

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